We are located in a valley in the Foothills of Alberta 3 km east of Black Diamond just a 30 minute drive southwest of Calgary. Not only do we enjoy the peacefulness and beauty of seeing our animals grazing in the fields, our chickens scratching for additional food in the farmyard, but we are blessed to be able to enjoy the beauty of the Rocky Mountains.

Since March 2005, we have been able to live out our dream to raise our food 'naturally' and to be good stewards of the land that has been entrusted to us. We graze our animals on our land which has not been sprayed with herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Our chickens, raised for their meat, are floor raised in buildings with plenty of fresh air and space. Weather permitting, our layer chickens are free to roam the farm doing what they do naturally, scratching for food and producing nutritious eggs which they do lay in their nesting boxes in the coop.

Our focus is to raise our animals in a natural environment with as low stress as possible. Our ruminants are grass finished. Their food is without chemicals and the ingredients in their supplements are natural or where possible, certified organic. We do not finish our ruminants with grains as we believe they naturally eat only forages and grasses. Finishing in this manner, and along with the supplements and the apple cider vinegar, we are able to achieve the desired finishing of our meat. Our animals are calmly and quietly loaded the morning of processing. They are then transported to Foothills Processing in High River, Alberta, a 25 minute drive from our farm.