Half $ 9.80
Ground Lamb $ 10.15
Loin Chops (4/pkg) $ 17.50
Leg (Boned & Rolled) $ 15.75
Leg (Bone In) $ 12.75
Shanks $ 9.50
Ribs $ 6.85
Sausage $ 11.20
Liver $ 3.50
Heart $ 1.50
Kidney $ 1.50

Our sheep are grass and forage finished. As with the beef, our flock receive the same supplements consisting of various certified organic ingredients which include, apple cider vinegar, alfalfa, kelp, garlic, molasses, taurus salt, probiotics, zeolite and diatomaceous earth. Franklin and Candy, our miniature donkeys, are constant companions and protectors of our flock.

Seven to ten days prior to processing, the lambs are given certified organic unpasturized apple cider vinegar in their drinking water. Processing is done at Foothills Processors in High River, a 25 minute drive from the farm.