Roaster (Whole Chicken) $ 5.50/lb
Neck $ 3.25
Feet $ 3.50
Gizzard $ 4.00
Heart $ 4.75
Liver $ 5.75
Eggs $ 6.00/doz

We raise layers for their eggs and broilers for their meat.

Weather permitting, the layers free range in our pastures fenced with page wire during the day and are housed in a large building in the evening.  This protects them from the predators.  Our hens are a variety of breeds that lay eggs in their nesting boxes from the traditional white and brown shells to cream, blue and green shells. 

Our broiler chickens are floor raised in buildings with plenty of space for them to move freely and with access to the sun and fresh air.

Our birds have water which is mixed daily with certified organic unpasteurized apple cider vinegar and hydrogen peroxide.   Their feed is custom mixed on the farm which includes certified organic wheat, peas, black oil sunflower seeds, flax and soy. This is supplemented with natural or certified organic alfalfa, kelp, garlic, probiotics, zeolite, diatomaceous earth and micronutrients.  

As with all our animals, our birds are anti-biotic and hormone free.